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Introduction to C Programming-IDE:

As we have studied about the basic program in C now, it’s time to understand the tool used for making C Programs that is Compiler.

There are various compilers present, but at a basic level we use Turbo C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

An Integrated Development Environment is the software environment used as an editor and a compiler. This can be a useful tool when coding uses various languages for various purposes. Integrated Development Environment is also used to debug the programs.

Turbo C++ IDE – C Programming:

Turbo C++ IDE is the compiler used for C and C++ programming. It was originally developed by Borland initially in 1990, but it came into use after 2006. Turbo C++ IDE has various versions developed before introducing its last and the perfect model in 2006.

Versions of Turbo C++ IDE:

  • Turbo C++ was first released to available during the MS-DOS era on personal computers. Ver. 1.0, running on MS-DOS, was released in May 1990.
  • The Turbo C++ 3.0 was released in 1991 and came in amidst expectations of the coming release of Turbo C++ for Microsoft Windows.
  • Version 4.0 was released in November 1993.
  • Version 4.5 was announced on March 20, 1995.
  • Turbo C++ 2006: This version is used by the maximum number of users over the world because of its stability. This edition is free to download and distribute because of its easy access.

Various IDE used for making programs:

Nowadays there are various IDE used by the programmers to make programs whether it’s any programming language such as Turbo C++, Code::Blocks, Dev C++.

A program can also be made and compiled in the smartphones for these various applications available on the Play Store such as Cxxdroid, Cppdroid, TurboCdroid.

Advantages of IDE:

  • Increases the Efficiency of coding that is faster coding with less effort.
  • Easy to debug programs because of the Integrated Development Environment.
  • Easy to make large programs because different programmers work on the different parts of the program.
  • Time-consuming because large projects are developed in less time.
  • Project management is easy because of its modular programming feature.

Disadvantages of IDE:

  • Complex for making programs for the beginners because it’s not easy to operate.
  • Different IDE has a different environment because various IDE’s have various curves requiring to learn.
  • Having knowledge about codes to remove errors because of its complexity.
Learn how to make programs using TurboCDroid

Download IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment):

Download IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) for Smartphones:

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