Types of Computer and its Classification

Introduction of Types of Computer:

As we have learned about computers and their functions, now it’s time to study the various types of computer. Computers are of distinct types and can be classified based on various parameters such as.

  • Data representation
  • Size and speed

So above are some parameters on which we can differentiate a computer. We explain the explanation of types of computer on above parameters below:

Types of Computer on the basis of Data Representation:

Based on a data representation there are 3 types of computers: Analog computer, Digital computer, and Hybrid computer.

Analog Computer:

Analog computer is a typical computer that is used for physical measurements of data. In other words, we commonly use an analog computer in the places where physical measurements are to be calculated such as temperature, earthquakes, speed of anything that can be calculated through an analog computer.

Analog computer-Teche Programmer
Analog Computer

Hence, Analog computers are not used by everyone, because they are designed for special work where it can be used for the measurement. Various examples of an analog computer are such as seismograph, barometer, thermometer.

It never gives an exact result, it always gives the approximate result because of its working on analog signals.

Digital Computer:

A digital computer is a type of computer which uses digital signals to transmit data is in the form of 0 and 1. It can solve various types of arithmetic and logic operations at a top speed. It can perform various operations in just a few seconds.

Digital computer-Teche Programmer
Digital Computer

Digital computers give the accurate result which clearly shows that is the outcome of an analog computer. We cannot use a digital computer for physical measurements of data due to its data processing capability.

Commonly used by everyone over the world. Digital computers are such as laptops, smartphones, PCs are an example of digital computers.

Hybrid Computer:

As the name describes a hybrid computer is a type of computer which is the combination of an Analog computer as well as a Digital computer. We use a hybrid computer in various specified fields due to its composition of digital and analog computers.

Digital computers and analog computers along comprises hybrid computers and because of this it gives accurate results for physical measurements.

It is not used by everyone and we also use them are also for different physical measurements such as temperature, heartbeat. It can process a continuous and a discrete data.

Types of Computer on the basis of size and speed:

Based on size and speed there are 4 types of computers: Supercomputer, Mainframe computer, Minicomputer, and Microcomputer.

Super Computer:

Supercomputers are the biggest and the fastest computer among all types of computers due to their size and processor. It can process extensive works and complex data.

It can process millions of instructions and data in a second. They can be particularly used for scientific processes and research operations because of its size, processor and cost.

We use this type of computer for large data processing within the organization because of this we know them as a supercomputer.

Super computer-Techre Programmer
Super Computers

A supercomputer is used by various organizations such as Government, Google, NASA. So the first developed supercomputer was CDC 6600, released in 1964. Examples of various supercomputers used are such as Cray/HPE Trinity (New Mexico, U.S.), Fujitsu ABCI (Tokyo, Japan), Lenovo SuperMUC-NG (Garching, Germany), Colour Boson (Cray XC-30(India)), PARAM Ishan (India).

Mainframe Computer:

Mainframe computer is smaller and less fast than the supercomputers, yet they can perform various operations as supercomputer performs. We also know they are also as server computers. Not only a supercomputer but also a mainframe computer can be used by large organizations, companies, etc.. Unlike supercomputer mainframe computer is not capable of doing the same work at some capacity.

Mainframe_Computers-Teche Programmer
Mainframe Computers

We can use a mainframe or a server computer in telecom companies, banking industries, etc. but we use them there for managing an extensive amount of data of the company at a time. It responds to thousands of users simultaneously. Various examples of mainframe computers are such as  IBM zSeries, System z9, and System z10 servers.

Mini Computer:

As the name describes a mini-computer is of small size and has less speed as compared to that of supercomputers and mainframe computers.

Mini-computers are used for various purposes such as for managing the data of users within the organization, billing and payments management, etc.. It supports time-sharing, and that is often dedicated to a single application.

Micro Computer:

A microcomputer (Personal Computer(PC)) is the smallest and slowest among all types of computers because of its small size. We particularly use a microcomputer in our day to day life it means everyone uses them all over the world.

So now, a microcomputer comprises a single processor known as CPU (Control Processing Unit). A CPU comprises ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit), CU (Control Unit), Memory Unit, or Storage. Various examples of mini-computers are such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers. Importantly it can also be said that a microcomputer is a type of mini-computer which is basically used for personal use not for the organization.

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